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Food, Nutrition, + Infant Feeding

Vitamins or vegetables? Formula or breast milk? What’s safe and what’s not? These posts tackle food and nutrition topics for kids of all ages.

Thirty-Five Thousand Minutes: How Do You Measure a Year of Breastfeeding?

By and August 29, 2016 No Comments

When my friend Kate hit the tremendous milestone of exclusively breastfeeding her son for one year, she shared the following with members of our new moms Facebook group: “I have spent 24,666.4 minutes nursing him, or 411.1066666 hours nursing him, or 17.129 days nursing him a total of 1,656 times in the last year!” “I […]

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Can We Really Prevent Peanut Allergy by Feeding It to Infants?

By April 6, 2016 1 Comment

Luke, what does Uncle Dave always say? “No nuts!” That’s exactly the advice I gave to my 2-year-old nephew when I first started my allergy/immunology fellowship a decade ago. After all, those were the recommendations published in 2000 from the American Academy of Pediatrics. To try and prevent the development of food allergies, the guidelines […]

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What is Arsenic Doing in Rice Cereal?

By April 5, 2016 No Comments

This week the FDA released a consumer update called Seven Things Pregnant Women and Parents Need to Know About Arsenic in Rice and Rice Cereal. While many parents were caught off guard by the new recommendations, I was lucky enough to be talking to pediatricians, PhDs, registered dietitians, clinical professors, and even the 18th United […]

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A Quick Guide to Hydration Beverages: What Liquids To Give Your Kids and When

By March 28, 2016 2 Comments

When I was a kid, Kool-Aid, Tang, and Hi-C juice boxes were the norm for kids’ beverages. You were super cool if you had Capri-Sun, water was boring, and tea was for grown-ups. Clearly, things have changed. Nowadays teenagers proudly tote tea-based beverages, and bottled water is a blank canvas for those trendy flavored squirtables […]

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Please Don’t Feed Your Baby Homemade Formula!

By March 24, 2016 6 Comments

Yesterday a friend shared a story about Kristin Cavallari’s recipe for homemade baby formula.  In case you’re wondering, yes, the very same Kristin Cavallari that rose to fame in reality shows Laguna Beach and The Hills (Google it kids, if you don’t remember them). I’m sure Kristin is a great mother and loves her kids dearly […]

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